Friday, March 1, 2013

Taiwan - Taichung Flower Sea Festival

Carpet of flowers and a foggy afternoon.
Dad enjoying his favourite treat - fresh fried squid.
#fromwhereistand obligatory shot.
A view of all the different seas of flowers and exhibitions. 
Scared I was about to be bitten by bees. 
There was an abundance of farmers and small business selling their fresh produce - look how amazingly red, juicy and inviting these tomatoes look.
Trying to capture bees sucking nectar from flowers. 
The gradient of vibrant colours.
There was a heap of exhibitions with every kind of fruit, vegetable and flower to be viewed. 
Trying to get a nice shot with my dad. 

So here is the first instalment of photos from my recent holiday. I thought it would be a nicer, kind-on-the-eye process breaking it down into more digestible parts and then I would  be able to better describe my experiences. 

These photos were taken in Taiwan, in the area of Taichung at a flower festival that we visited also known as the Taichung Flower Sea Festival. I can happily say I now know why it was referred to this name. It was huge, slightly strenuous on my muscle-lacking legs, and yes there was sea's upon sea's of flowers in vibrant variations of purples, yellows and pinks. It was beautiful, and the effort that must go in for up-keep and to keep the flowers blossoming in picture-perfect condition is applaudable - I for one struggle with the responsibility of one plant. To top it off the festival is completely free! Unless you spend all your money on all the marvellous food stalls scattered throughout the outskirts of the grounds e.g.. my dad and his guilty addiction to fried squid and my not-so addiction to stinky tofu. Within the seas of flowers were exhibitions which featured every kind of flower, fruit and vegetable shaped into gob-smacking designs such as Mona Lisa in dried fruit form ha! All in all, yes I know flower pictures are quite standard and can become quite tedious when it comes to photography but how could I resist on such a beautiful day.

P.S I also felt this really hard-to-deal urge to just fall face first and plonk into the flower bed/seas and squish the flowers to their death. 

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  1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my latest post Temika! I'm glad to stumble across your beautiful blog again! I always wanted to visit Taiwan, as I lived with 14 Taiwanese people once, and the countryside there seems wild and pretty... Different to the rest of the country. And the flower festival looks really pretty! Makes me miss early spring/summer! Wishing you a great month of March!!! :)