Sunday, March 24, 2013

Botanica - Red Hill

After falling upon mentions of Botanica on the webasphere I just had to check it out - especially since I am currently joining the infectious movement of the masses to healthy 'clean eating' (like most others on Instagram). I don't know how to title Botanica as it is basically a super classy and delicious mutant version of a takeaway store, no deep-fried goods or flashing LED 'open' signs here. In saying that, there is no eating-in, so be prepared to pack a picnic blanket and Googlemaps a nice locale to feast before making your purchases. 

Front Shop of Botanica - *photo courtesy their facebook page 
 Delicious gluten free vanilla bean cupcakes with super soft icing.
'This was made for you today - Enjoy this delicious salad & all of its real food ingredients' 
A spoonful on my second favourite :) Even comes with Eco-friendly wooden cutlery.
Our family pack of salads containing: (from left to right) 
  • Vegan and gluten free tabbouleh with kale and quinoa
  • Shaved raw broccoli with raw garlic and cashew cream
  • Baby pea and potato salad, fresh dill and green tahini dressing
  • Shaved red cabbage, walnuts, parmesan, sharp dijon vinaigrette 
* I copied these from their website as I certainly lack the mental capacity to remember all the yummy ingredients mentioned to me from across the counter. I do believe their menu changes and varies day to day - even ours varied slightly to the said menu and be aware that everything mentioned on the menu was not available when we visited.  

Even Lila enjoyed eating Botanica's yummy salads. Her favourite was the chickpea number. 

The store is simple which I think is perfect as it really highlights the foods that they have on display. Fresh made salads coming in a wonderous array of colours and variations in combinations which my taste-buds certainly have never had the luxury of trying. Fresh made sourdoughs and ciabattas align the back table, and of course a delectable assortment of sweets line the front window for onlookers to be allured into, the best thing being that all are gluten free. The wooden trims and home-y feelings that radiate from the decor definitely sets of the feel of what Botanica stands for and thats real, healthy and delicious vegetarian foods. The price was very reasonable with a family pack (the largest size - there is three sizes to choose from) of salad (up to and including 4 choices from their selection) cost $25 plus accidentally purchasing a cupcake and a bread roll to add to my tasting palate. All in all, I loved it and will definitely be back to try their new healthy salad experiments like roasted cauliflower and not to mention their infamous caramel coconut brownie! 

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