Friday, February 8, 2013

2012 Ending

Before I left overseas me and my roomies went on another fishing adventure - not necessarily adventure since it was in a barramundi fishing park which cost us $20 off Scoopon. But nevertheless, it was fun and we finally managed to ACTUALLY catch something - mind you the fish didnt put up a fight and when pulling them in it kinda seemed as if they were half dead already! haha! We also had a family Christmas dinner since I wasn't going to be there for actual Christmas. Its been an awesome 6 months with my roomies. Check them out, they are super awesome: Jean and Sam!

 photo IMG_5356_zps6c466d19.jpg
 photo IMG_5286_zps6c4d9635.jpg
 photo IMG_5137_zps1d79b5e5.jpg
 photo IMG_5196_zps7296d7d4.jpg
 photo IMG_5165_zps4426d81d.jpg
 photo IMG_5261_zpsa948a9ea.jpg
 photo IMG_5202-1_zpsf924258c.jpg
 photo IMG_5126_zps47576fb4.jpg
 photo IMG_5326_zps2c718cc7.jpg
 photo IMG_5336_zpsec637da9.jpg
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